Work in Progress

  • Disabled Faculty: Disclosure, Identity, Access. With Stephanie Kerschbaum, I am working to learn more about the experiences of disabled faculty in higher education. We’re especially interested in the ways that disclosures of disability–both obvious and subtle–affect identities, work experiences, and access to academic discourses. This is a collaborative project, carried out with the Temple University Collaborative. Data are collected in two phases: an anonymous international survey (now completed) and a series of in-depth interviews (ongoing). Initial findings of this study have been presented at conferences including MLA, CCCC and SDS (see Presentations). This study was awarded a 2014 Research Initiative Grant ($10,000) from CCCC.


Articles and Book Chapters

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Reviews and Encyclopedia Entries


  • Co-editor with Amy Vidali. Book/film/media review section, Disability Studies Quarterly. Appointed 2010 for three-year term.
  • Co-editor with Amy Vidali & Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson. Special issue on “Disability in the Undergraduate Classroom.” Disability Studies Quarterly 28.4 (2008). Includes an introductory essay by the editors; writing by undergraduates working in disability studies; and peer-reviewed articles.

Annotated Bibliography

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Fiction & Poetry

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