Accessing This Site

This website¬†is designed to be as accessible as possible for all users. If you notice any elements of the site that you can’t access well, please let me know by leaving a comment. I appreciate your feedback.

The banner image, which appears across the top of all pages, shows a white paper sculpture which is cut and folded into a shape that looks like a long, curving mollusk-type creature. It is suspended in a dense tangle of green leaves. Paper sculpture by Dan Price. Photograph by Margaret Price.

Access Statement for Presentations

When I give presentations, I generally begin with an access invocation. This invocation aims to present access as, in the words of Tanya Titchkosky, a “politics of wonder”–that is, something we can notice and question together, and something that will arise from the “interpretive relations” between our bodyminds. Because I am often asked to share my access invocation, I’ve decided to put it on the front page of this site, so that folks can adapt it for their own purposes. If you wish to cite it, I first used it (so far as I can remember) at the 2009 Society for Disability Studies Conference, as part of the plenary session “We Sing the Queer/Crip Electric: Disabled Writers Explore Presence Through Time, Space, and Memory.” You can also just cite it from this website.

Here’s a link to the invocation as I usually deliver it.